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Digital Skills

Digital Skills

TPA supports digital readiness by creating and refining a skills framework that ensures your managers and experts are equipped to meet digital challenges, complemented by targeted training and organizational adjustments.

We establish skill management for your company so that your managers and experts learn exactly the skills they need to implement your strategy. This way, they are optimally prepared to implement technologies and data optimization in your company. We support your company in enabling your key employees to take on the digital challenges.

Our Services for You

Digitale Kompetenzen - TPA Digital Transformation

Development or improvement of the Skill-Framework

Based on the objectives, strategy, existing transformation plans, etc., a target picture is designed that describes exactly which capabilities are required based on which strategy.

Assessment of current competencies

Both the skills management practices and the skills themselves are assessed using the new skills framework to obtain a “as accurate as possible” picture of where the organization stands.

Development or improvement of a Skill-Evaluation Matrix

  • Creation of a skill matrix based on the future roles
  • Completion with the required skills (documentation of the necessary changes)
  • Integration into the capability framework

Skill GAP-Analysis

  • Involvement of stakeholders such as HR and/or the works council in the skills assessment
  • Identification of gaps in relation to current competencies and the need for action for the entire organization
  • Definition of recommended measures to close skills gaps (e.g. training courses, further coaching, recruiting, etc.)

Derive organizational optimizations

The experience gained from the skill gap analysis is used to derive suitable improvements to the organizational structure and processes.

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