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Your advantages of Outsourcing: Accounting

Your advantages of Outsourcing: Accounting

Optimize your accounting practices with TPA’s DigiSmart service, allowing you to securely manage documents and access financial data anytime, enhancing both efficiency and document security through cloud-based solutions.
  • Do you spend more time on your accounting than on your core business?
  • Does the chaos surrounding your documents annoy you?


With immediate effect, we can offer you paperless form of accounting: TPAs DigiSmart ACCOUNTING.

All that you need is a scanner and a stable Internet connection.

Accounting easier than ever: Outsourcing

How does digital accounting function?

After the usual internal examination, you scan all bills and receipts and transfer these electronically to a secure TPA server. Your advisor is automatically notified. All documents are then booked – weekly. The scanned document is automatically archived in the correct entry line. You can access it easily and quickly at any time.

Access to your data anytime and anywhere

As soon as your bills and receipts are booked, you have secure access to your results at any time. As such you always have a close eye on account balances, open items lists, cost accounting and short-term income statements. As a result of the weekly recording at TPA , your results are up-to-date.

  • Would you like an additional service for reminders?
  • Or automatic payment proposals for suppliers?

The digital accounting programme can be easily adapted to your needs. With DigiSmart, the time-consuming double booking of receipts and bills for accounting, monetary transactions and reminders is passé. A further advantage: it is practically impossible to lose documents.

Outsourcing: Now for Tomorrow

You get access to our BMD server (simultaneously possible from multiple locations) without having to purchase the software. Your data is thus available to you in our usual service quality in real time. And you can do your accounting with your own staff or have some of it temporarily done by us, also in a paperless way.

Working on your accounting software

Our employees make book entries for you on your system (SAP, Navision, BMD, etc.)

To this end, we make experienced staff available to you – this can also be arranged “temporarily”. We offer you a back-up service for emergencies: if your employees are unavailable due to unexpected tasks, seasonal capacity bottlenecks, illness or dismissal, we we can help with your accounting – for a short or extended period of time. Thanks to our employees’ flexibility, they can either come to your office or work on your system via the Internet.

“Construction site” service in times of change

Converting to new software systems such as SAP, Navision, BMD, etc. often presents major challenges. During such phases, we provide you with support with our external accounting and payroll expertise.

The advantages of DigiSmart for You

  • You can save time as scanning replaces sending documents by post or courier. Further, you incur no postage costs. Further, you incur no postage costs.
  • You always have access to current results – from account balances and cost accounting to short-term income statements.
  • You can access your data anytime and anywhere with this highly flexible programme.
  • DigiSmart accounting makes reminders easier. Your telebanking processes will also be presented in a clearer manner.
  • You will gain time as a result of the elimination of time-consuming double booking. At the same time, your documents are doubly secure.

Our tax advisors and accountants already know today what you can expect tomorrow: Our tax services for you

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