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Outsourcing services

Outsourcing services

Outsourcing with TPA creates space for core activities: We prepare the takeover of accounting and controlling tasks, reduce risks, and maximize your entrepreneurial agility.

Outsourcing pays off

Outsourcing saves time and brings more convenience, more drive and more freedom for the important core activities. We optimise the future processes and interfaces in advance, highlight potential savings and, using our experience, help to remove stumbling blocks and reduce potential risks.

What are the benefits of outsourcing? Why is it so popular?

Whether accounting, payroll, annual financial statements or controlling: in collaboration with you, we analyse what TPA can do sensibly and cost-effectively for you. The bottom line: more freedom for you and your company.

Outsourcing that is carefully prepared and planned in this way will bring many benefits to you.

Which areas are suitable for outsourcing?

You want to focus on your core competencies, be flexible for business decisions and respond quickly to the needs of the market? We provide competent and reliable support. In order to cover your back, we put together a service package tailored to your need. Areas such as accounting and payroll are particularly well suited to being outsourced, either in full or partly, to competent service providers. In addition, payment transactions (vendor payments, government payments, direct debits), dunning, reporting, controlling, budgeting, etc. can also be outsourced. It is worth it.

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The 10 advantages of TPA outsourcing services:

We optimise in advance the future processes and interfaces, identify potential areas for savings and, based on our experience, help to eliminate potential pitfalls and reduce possible risks.

We optimise in advance the future processes and interfaces, identify potential areas for savings and, based on our experience, help to eliminate potential pitfalls and reduce possible risks.

1. Focus on the core business through outsourcing of bookkeeping or payroll accounting

The emerging challenges and increasing competitive pressure require all your concentration. Through a dedicated service package, we give you the time you need to focus on your main task. Focus on your core business and benefit from our expertise.

2. New momentum & new perspectives

As a professional outsourcing partner, we help you to discover new and innovative possibilities and to approach certain challenges from a different angle.

3. Cost reduction

Outsourcing can have a fundamentally positive impact on two expense categories:

a) Outsourcing of accounting or payroll reduces both technical and logistics costs

This includes purchase of hardware and software (operating system, application programmes, protection software, financial and payroll accounting software, etc.).

Our ASP solution (Application Service Providing) gives you access to our BMD server via a secure internet connection ( it is possible to access it simultaneously from several locations) without having to purchase the software. Your data is thus available to you in real time with our service quality to which you have become used. Cost-intensive server capacities for the accounting applications can thus be saved.

b) Reduction of your personnel costs through outsourcing

Salaries, premiums, health insurance contributions, and so on, but also costs for the technical support of the above-mentioned software and technology can be saved. The unfortunately often unpredictable costs of an accountant’s absence due to holiday or illness, as well as the risk of significant errors by an employee, can be avoided when outsourcing this service.

4. Experience & reliability of the experts

As a successful Austrian company that has operated for many decades, we not only know how to find the best employees on the market, but also how to train them in the best possible way. Through working with a large number of clients, our employees have many years of extensive experience in a wide range of industries. This unique knowledge of special aspects of your industy is, of course, at your disposal.

5. More flexibility

Every service can be provided to the desired and required extent, even “on a temporary basis” – and of course in the system required for this purpose. Our employees have outstanding software knowledge of all the common software tools.

6. Less risk

Outsourcing can safeguard you against the risk of errors being committed by the accounting and
payroll department. The responsibility of carrying out the tasks remains ours, and we also take care of the financial consequences of non-compliance with legal requirements.

Through our highly qualified employees, we are able to significantly reduce this risk of committing errors.

7. Reduced liability for errors

Not only is organisational risk limited, management and leaders can reduce the risk of criminal and civil law liability for any potential missteps. A factor that should not be underestimated, which provides more time for those important aspects of your entrepreneurial activity that require your full concentration.

8. Management saves time

All activities related to the management the accounting and payroll processing activities are regulated externally.

The management can hand over the control of quality and efficiency of work and spend this time on the core business in a meaningful way.

9. Cross-disciplinary advice

Due to our size and also regional structure, we can provide high-quality support to both large corporations with 600 employees as well as carpentry businesses with 2 employees. One fact that you also benefit from. That is because it allows our advisors to look at issues from many different angles and to incorporate the knowledge of experts from various disciplines.

10. An overview due to reporting

Through an individual and clearly structured outsourcing process and a meaningful monthly reporting according to your needs, you get an overview of the business development of your company and can react promptly to changes.

Our outsourcing services:
It pays off.

We optimise future processes and workflows in advance, identify potential areas for cost savings and, based on our experience, help to eliminate possible pitfalls and reduce potential risks.

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