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Sustainable action for tomorrow. Coroporate Sustainability.

Sustainability strategies are increasingly becoming an essential factor for lasting corporate success. A sustainable company acts in accordance with economic, ecological and social values (ESG factors). ESG stands for Environmental, Social, Governance and concerns the actual business purpose and value creation as well as relationships with all stakeholders (shareholders, employees and management, business partners, etc.) up to issues of tax justice.

Sustainable finance is an important sub-area of the European Green Deal with the aim of channelling financial resources into sustainable investments and preventing greenwashing. A prerequisite for this is transparency, also with regard to tax practices. Financial institutions are encouraged to take more account of ESG risks when granting loans. The pressure on companies to report on their social and environmental footprint is therefore increasing.

Our ESG services for you

  • Preparation of a sustainability report
  • Definition and identification of company-relevant ESG KPIs
  • Support in ESG reporting for banks and other capital providers
  • Support with sustainable finance projects
  • Support in the conception of a sustainability strategy
  • ESG Due Diligence (in cooperation with Bluesave)

ESG & CSR requirements for companys

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TPA’s Code of Conduct: Our values & promise.

Our work is based on values that we take for granted. The management of TPA is clearly committed to these values and makes them unmistakably concrete for all stakeholders. In this way, we ensure compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks within the company and at the same time demonstrate our responsibility to our clients, society and the environment.

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ESG & CSR Requirements for companies
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