Self-employed Professionals

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With a Firm Hold on Finances

From doctors to civil engineers, the range of professionals is wide. The needs of each professional group are as diverse as their professional activities. We support and advise each client on an individual basis according to his/her needs. This ensures that you receive exactly that support which is necessary for your economic success.

Exchange administrative tasks to Power and Flexibility

Whether a single-member company or a small/medium-sized company – the same is true for everyone: your taxation expenditure should be as low as possible. TPA helps you to remain in control of your finances. And we can carry the burden of administrative tasks for you. For example, by taking over your Accounting or Payroll Accounting for you.

The outsourcing of such services has become standard in many professions. Because this is a weight off your shoulders and gives you time, power and flexibility. Our services are adpated to your needs and begin at your first contact with us. Have we aroused your interest? If so, contact us.

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