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A Suitable Solution for Every Occupation

“A trade in hand finds gold in every land”, it is said. And this is true if you have a partner who can advise you in your field. With TPA you can concentrate fully on your skills. The majority of Austrian companies are now in the trade and craft sector. Every group faces its own challenges and requires customised solutions.

Maintain control over your finances

Small and medium-sized companies in particular have to keep their costs under control and optimize tax opportunities. We have the experts to support you. They will help you to maintain control over your finances and to keep your tax burden as low as possible.

More time & energy with Outsourcing

Being self-employed does not necessarily mean that you have to do everything yourself. You will save both time and energy if you outsource your Accounting or your Payroll Accounting to TPA. Our numbers experts support you in all administrative tasks. Therby allowing you to concentrate on what really matters: your core business.

Closer to the Client in Thoughts and Actions. Find out more about further Industries.

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