Accounting / DigiSmart Accounting

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In good hands. Your accounts at TPA.

You are occupied with receipts and invoices instead of acquiring new customers? It is becoming increasingly important for companies to concentrate on their core business, accounting services can be easily outsourced.

Financial and Accounting Services

We, as your competent partner in financial and accounting procedures, can take on your accounting for you. The experts at TPA allow you more time for the essentials.

Our services for you

  • Financial accounting
  • Preparation of VAT advance returns
  • Processing of monetary transactions
  • Reporting
  • Digital Accounting
  • Dunning


With immediate effect, we can offer you a digital programme for accounting:

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Useful online tool for checking any IBAN worldwide:


Here you can find out all about our further services we provide: Tax Advisory and Financial Outsourcing.

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