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Digital Operating Model

Digital Operating Model

We work with excellent partners who use scalable digital platforms. We develop the architecture together with you. With our experts, we implement market-leading platforms that are tailored to your needs and size.

We help your organization to develop and deliver digital services better and in line with different service providers based on your business model. We work with excellent partners who use scalable digital platforms. We develop the architecture together with you. With our experts, we implement market-leading platforms that are tailored to your needs and size.

Our Services for You

Assessment of your maturity level in terms of processes, governance, data and process effectiveness

We systematically evaluate your IT processes and process management in various specific areas of expertise. We check how processes and data are managed and what the governance looks like. For example, the responsibility of who manages what and who gives which approvals is important to ensure the control of data that plays a role in the provision and support of digital products.

Target planning and strategy development

We use a systematic approach to set goals, identify resources and outline actions to achieve the desired outcome. This includes visioning workshops, identifying key success factors, defining quality criteria and developing strategies that can be implemented, evaluated and measured.

Setting up process management

Based on what you do in process management, we ensure that the management of processes becomes a state-of-the-art competence on which any sustainable operating model is built.

Empowerment of process owners and service owners

We ensure that the role of the “process owner” and “service owner” is well integrated into the line organization through role clarity, training, a well-established support network, routine use of tools, performance monitoring and communication.

Process design and implementation

We establish and implement processes based on previously defined requirements, guidelines, objectives and best practices.

Defining and setting up your service catalogue

We provide you with our experience in categorizing and organizing products and services in a structure based on common properties. Our consulting includes identifying services, determining their characteristics, assigning them to categories and creating a hierarchy that also includes identifying and visualizing dependencies between services.

Definition and implementation of a service-based charging model (charging model)

Service-based charging allows you to create a pricing model where customers are charged for digital services based on the services they actually use, rather than paying a flat fee.

Review/implementation of policies and standards

We ensure that your policies and standards are in line with your business objectives and your level of risk taking, that they are up to date and that their documentation is consistent in terms of detail and acceptance. We can advise you on any missing or outdated rules and regulations. We help you to understand how to link governance documents into a coherent system and easily monitor and control your policies/standards.

Workshop on the operating model

We use field proven and tested operating model templates from our experience to tailor them to your needs and environment and we optimize your business architecture for sustainable digital success.

Transformation Experience Workshop

We invite the decision makers of your organization to join us on a journey into the future. Based on the lessons learned from other projects and best practices, they can learn the success factors and discuss with our experts how to overcome organizational obstacles when transforming and transitioning to their new digital operating model.

Establishing a team for the practical implementation of your enterprise architecture

We ensure the establishment and anchoring of a professional enterprise architecture function.

Development of a capability model

We create a capability model for our clients’ digital organization to guide skill and process management optimizations.

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