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Real Estate investments in CEE/SEE

Real Estate investments in CEE/SEE


Real Estate investments in CEE/SEE

Real estate investments: Annual report by CBRE & TPA

Real estate as a form of investment has always been high in demand and, in addition, demand for real estate has increased steadily over the past few years.

In particular, institutional investors and investors such as banks, insurance companies, pension insurance funds or international (open and/or closed) funds welcome the opportunity to add a real estate element to their investment portfolio. In an economic environment

where interest rates are still very low and the returns from real estate investments are attractive in comparison to other investment opportunities, the rising interest in the latter is not surprising.

How can investment opportunities in Germany, Austria, CEE and SEE be presented in 2021?

In the brand-new brochure, which is available for the fourth time in a row, TPA and CBRE offer information, which primarily focuses on investment opportunities in Germany, Austria and the CEE/SEE region for 2021.

It is intended to provide the institutional investor with a brief, practice-oriented overview of the individual countries in order to create a preliminary basis for possible investment decisions. This brochure can also act as a motivation to look at certain countries, which have not been on the radar for most institutional investors until now. In particular some smaller countries in the CEE region still offer very interesting returns and opportunities.

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Each local market is subject to its own technological, social and demographic dynamics, this brochure offers a real estate investment market overview of the following countries: Albania Austria Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Germany Hungary Montenegro Poland Romania Serbia Slovakia Slovenia.

COVID-19 & Real Estate Investments

The COVID-19 crisis and the potential effects on the international economy are also in 2021 a challenge for real estate investors. Therefore, the brochure provides brief country-by-country information concerning COVID-19 tax-related relief measures.

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Real Estate investments in CEE/SEE





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Real Estate investments in CEE/SEE

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