VAT Structuring / National & International

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Seize opportunities, avoid risks. VAT advisory.

In cross-border business, VAT can often become a cost trap. Benefit from the international expertise of TPA. With our help you can avoid pitfalls, reduce expenditure and achieve competitive advantages. We can help you to manage your risks and to design your international value chains.

Our services for you

  • Structuring of value chains from a VAT perspective
  • Practice-oriented VAT reviews of international business transactions
  • VAT Quick Check
  • VAT advisory according to branches (above all, real estate, financial services, travel, and waste management)
  • Support in triangular trade transactions, mail-order business, etc.
  • VAT support in domestic and foreign VAT audits

Helpful Online Link

Verify online the validity of a VAT number on the European Commission Website:

VIES VAT number validation


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