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Alternatives: Rethinking new possibilities

Household equipment, cars, computers: the use of energy is, nowadays, a given. On the one hand, the need for the supply of electricity, gas, heat and water is increasing. On the other hand, the limited availability of raw materials as well as climate protection require a careful handling of resources. This means additional challenges for the energy industry but also an opening for new business models.

Energy Project Consulting

The demand for renewable and alternative forms of energy, in particular, is rising. Many aspects are related to this: from investments to financing and subsidies. With Energy Project Consulting we accompany your project to a successful realisation. Further, for some years now, TPA has hosted Energy Tomorrow – an event on renewable energy in CEE/SEE.

Energy Tomorrow - Sustainability Climate Change, Save the world, Digitalisiation & Future

For a sustainable Future!

Our specialists are aware of the trends in this industry. They help you to recognise market possibilities and advise you regarding compliance with national and international environmental and efficiency regulations. Benefit from the expert knoweldge and experience that TPA have in this field in order to achieve your goals. Together we can take the path towards a sustainable energy future.

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