TeamViewer Download

Use the TeamViewer programme and we can offer you speedy and effective support while you save valuable time and costs.

Interactive advisory for our clients

TPA offers its clients the possibility to work together interactively via the internet by using TeamViewer (web-collaboration). TeamViewer is an all-in-one software which can be used for remote control.

After downloading the free participant programme, you have the possibility of allowing your TPA advisor access to your computer, thereby enabling you to work interactively with him/her in a quicker and uncomplicated manner. Without any installation and even through firewalls.

Download des TeamViewers

As soon as you have accepted the conditions of use, you will receive a download link to the latest TeamViewer Version.

Choose either TeamViewer QuickSupport, if you wish to give your advisor access to your computer, or TeamViewer QuickJoin, if you wish to meet other participants online. If you are unsure as to which version is the correct one, contact your TPA advisor or the TPA TeamViewer Support.