COVID-19: Support measures for companies in Styria / Graz

19. March 2020 | Reading Time: 2 Min

(19.03.2020, 12.00)

1. COVID-19 measures applicable throughout Austria

In to immediate action to maintain liquidity for companies, nation-wide and regional measures have been addition taken during the past week to create liquidity in Austrian companies.

In this context, the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) provides information about the following measures: interim guarantees for working capital credits for one-person businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and tourism businesses.

2. Measures for Companies in Graz

The City of Graz supports Graz-based entrepreneurs with a coronavirus immediate economic aid package in the amount of euro 3 million, in order to ensure quick, unbureaucratic support for local businesses in Graz.

The immediate economic aid package concerns, among others,

  • Exemption from paying usage charges for pub gardens
  • Reduction of water consumption charges for Graz-based businesses affected by the crisis Establishment of an emergency fund of Energie Graz for businesses affected by financial difficulties
  • Reimbursement or waiver of usage charges for planned public events
  • Stall fees on farmers’ markets will be suspended for the next two months
  • Businesses massively affected by the effects of the coronavirus, who have rented premises in city’s properties, are released from the obligation to pay rent for the duration of the government restrictions.
  • Until further notice, no ticket inspections will take place in public transport, nor will parking tickets be checked in the blue and green zones in the City of Graz.
  • For details please go to Coronavirus aid package for companies in Graz (in German)



TPA Tip für businesses & companies in Graz / Styria

The support measures are intended to help those companies that currently find themselves in a crisis situation as a result of the coronavirus. Proof of the crisis situation must be provided, therefore we recommend that you complete your annual financial statements and tax returns for 2019 promptly, for you to be able to provide evidence that the individual requirements are met. More than usually, we also recommend that you ensure timely accounting, as some of the support measures apply to current declines in March 2020 already.




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