Real Estate Taxation Austria

24th edition of the brochure
Real Estate Taxation: Basic-know-how for successful real estate investments I 2020

The current brochure offers a practical overview of the current status of real estate taxation in Austria as of June 29, 2020.

Know-how for successful real estate investments

Real estate investments are a very popular form of investment in times of economic uncertainty as well as stable economic growth. They often offer tax advantages, long-term prospects for increased value and are also interesting for retirement provision.

But do you know all the tax benefits?

How can you guarantee the increase in value in the long term?

How can real estate support your pension provision?

With this guide we offer you orientation in the jungle of real estate taxation!

Everything about real estate & taxes

Our experts have summarized everything there is to know about real estate and taxes in Austria in the following chapters.

  • Real estate in private assets
  • Real estate & sales tax
  • Real estate in business assets
  • Real estate income tax
  • Real estate and private foundations
  • Real estate transfer tax
  • Investment apartment & builder models
  • Real estate funds
  • Real estate investments abroad
  • COVID-19: Current tax plans of the Federal Government, Economy Stabilization Act 2020, Investment Premium Act

The comprehensive chapter on “Real Estate as Part of a Company’s Assets” provides interesting information on this topic which is especially important to SMEs and family businesses. Also aspects of property income taxation in private foundations, of developer schemes and retirement provision schemes as well as property funds were considered. The topic of property investments in foreign countries is treated in a separate chapter too since it has high potential for tax structuring due to its attractiveness.

TPA is one of Central and South Eastern Europe’s leading international tax consulting firms, specialising in top quality real estate consultancy. All-round specialised real estate expertise leads to appreciable tax benefits for our clients in Austria and Central and South Eastern Europe.

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