Presentation of the Tax Tech Platform: The TPA Connect App

12. November 2021 | Reading Time: 2 Min

On 4th November, the tax consultancy firm TPA presented its new communication platform, the “TPA Connect App”. With this, TPA is laying a tax tech milestone for its clients. TPA personally meets its clients face to face, and in the future the company would like to complement its advisory with the same quality and professionalism digitally and on an individual basis. The TPA Connect App links people and data. Better control and optimisation of tax-relevant workflows is a challenge for many companies. With its new communication platform, TPA has contributed an enormous step towards increasing efficiency in the future.

It’s time for digital Face to Face Business!

After the guests had been welcomed by TPA Partners Karin Fuhrmann, Veronika Seitweger and Robert Lovrecki, Andreas Pichler, Project Manager and IT Process Manager at TPA, presented the most important features and advantages of the TPA Connect App – in line with the digitalisation theme – as part of a Microsoft Live Event. Afterwards, Florian Ilgen, a PhD chemist and mentalist, gave the fascinating keynote speech on the topic “Digital Mindset: How to profit from the digital transformation with the right attitude!”. Approximately 300 participants followed the event via MS Teams Stream.

Digital instead of complicated!

The innovative “TPA Connect App” makes communication between clients and advisors even more efficient. It simplifies the mutual exchange of data considerably and thus represents the next important step towards personal and individual cooperation between the tax consultancy TPA and its clients. The benefits are obvious: availability and retrievability of all documentation 24/7, simplest transmission and the possibility of working together and simultaneously with the clients on important documents. The approval process is more efficient and is carried out in strict compliance with data security. The App is free of charge for the company’s clients.

TPA Partner Veronika Seitweger was directly responsible for TPA Connect: “TPA Connect has many advantages for our clients. They benefit from the enormous simplification when it comes to handling data and also from the reduction of the sometimes very time-consuming process steps. In addition, analyses that are of interest for business planning for entrepreneurs, for example, can also be created at the push of a button when the relevant data is available”. Karin Fuhrmann, Partner and Member of the TPA Management Team, adds: “We see our activities in the tax tech sector as forward-thinking and we are trying to exploit all the advantages that are available to our clients through digitalisation”.

What does the TPA Connect App actually do for you?

Our digital expert Andreas Pichler shows you in 20 minutes around the new tax tech platform: Join him on his journey through the surface and discover all the advantages the TPA Connect App offers you!



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