Moore Stephens Central Audit Team to largen TPA Poland

2. September 2019 | Reading Time: 3 Min

Fusion: Moore Stephens Central Audit Team joins TPA Poland

Partner of TPA Poland: Piotr Łaska; Łukasz Korbas; Ewa Znamierowska; Wojciech Sztuba; Iga Kwaśny; Krzysztof Horodko; Krzysztof Dziekoński; Katarzyna Woroszylska; Krzysztof Kaczmarek; Damian Kubiś; Małgorzata Dankowska; Grzegorz Gajda; Monika Tuzimek

On September 2, 2019, a formal merger of the Moore Stephens Central Audit team with the TPA Poland consulting company, which is a member of Baker Tilly International, took place. According to the concluded agreement, over 60 experts and tax, accounting and audit specialists, so far operating under the Moore Stephens brand, will join the Warsaw-based tax advisory, audit, accounting and payroll outsourcing teams of TPA Poland. As a result of the merger, with its team of more than 270 experts and turnover exceeding EUR 13.5 milions in 2019, TPA Poland now ranks among the largest and most dynamically developing consulting companies.

Ready together for the multidimensional & trendsetting marktet

The Polish consulting market belongs to highly competitive and modern sectors of the economy. Clients there expect a comprehensive, multidimensional and trendsetting approach. Companies providing services in this area belong to the largest expert organizations and outdo one another in offering innovative solutions that create real value for clients. “For the advisor of the future, hard professional competencies are just as important as fluency in modern information and communication technologies. This requires combining accurate forecasts on future clients’ needs with the ability to invest continuously in maintaining the competitiveness of the services offered. Having Moore Stephens Central Audit join TPA improves the range of our advisory competencies and, at the same time, increases our capacity for technological transformation,” said Wojciech Sztuba, Managing Partner, TPA Poland.

From tax and accounting to legal services to digital services

TPA is the leading international consulting group, already present in 12 countries of Central and Southeastern Europe. It employs more than 1500 experts in 30 destinations. TPA Poland has been present in Poland for 15 years and is one of the leading consulting companies. Through its offices in Warsaw, Poznań and Katowice, TPA Poland provides its clients with services in the area of tax, transaction and corporate finance advisory, financial audit, accounting outsourcing and payroll administration, and since 2018 also legal advisory under the brand name of Baker Tilly Woroszylska Legal.

Perfect match of Competences

“We are happy to be able to join a company developing as dynamically as TPA Poland. The competence match of the two teams and their similar organizational culture aimed at looking for new challenges and providing top-quality services are conducive to a smooth merger of the potential of our companies,” said Monika Tuzimek, who will take the position of Partner in the Audit and Business Advisory at TPA Poland. TPA Poland Partners will be also joined by Iga Kwaśny, who will take the position of Partner in the Accounting and Payroll Outsourcing Department.

“The merger of the Moore Stephens Central Audit team with TPA is undoubtedly a unique event in the saturated market of professional services in Poland. It will allow not only to broaden the range of services and industry specializations, but also to significantly increase organizational effectiveness,” said Krzysztof Horodko, Managing Partner, TPA Poland.


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