VAT: All innovations for online trade as of 1.7.2021

25. May 2021 | Reading Time: 1 Min

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All VAT changes for e-Commerce & online trading

Online trade is undergoing fundamental changes in terms of VAT. Due to the enormous increase, the EU decided on a comprehensive VAT package some time before the pandemic, which will come into force throughout the whole EU on 1.7.2021.

The previous delivery thresholds for mail-order companies will be abolished, and the taxation of goods to private individuals in the EU will generally take place in the country of destination. For entrepreneurs who supply goods or services to private individuals in other EU countries, there will be new special regimes for declaring and paying VAT across the EU. The package also includes changes for small consignments from third countries to private individuals in the EU. Furthermore, electronic interfaces such as platforms or portals that support the delivery of goods or services by other companies will have more obligations in the future in terms of VAT.

What you need to know about the current changes for online stores & mail order!

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