Outsourcing of Payroll Accounting

28. June 2018 | Reading Time: 2 Min

We offer you a wide variety of options for outsourcing your payroll accounting – tailored to your needs: our payroll accountants are flexible when it comes to their time and place of work.

We are happy to take over

  • just the wage accounting itself or
  • additional services such as travel expense accounting, postings, tax optimisation of regular pay and termination claims, and much more.

Accounting: Back-up service for emergencies

If an employee falls ill for a longer period of time due to illness, the question arises as to how payroll accounting can be accomplished in a timely manner.

Within the scope of our back-up payroll service, we can provide on short notice a highly qualified team of experts who will help you and your staff during the critical time of the emergency. Whether this represents a commitment of a few weeks or months is of no concern to us – we are flexible according to your wishes and needs.

Important: clearly defined tasks.

Both for the back-up service and the outsourcing, it is defined in advance exactly which tasks are taken on by our employees and which tasks continue to be performed by you or employees of your company.

Communication between the employees of both companies and the coordination of workflow schedules are important cornerstones for smooth cooperation.

Outsourcing Payroll: Systematic flexibility

Our employees have experience in various payroll programmes such as BMD 5.5, NTCS, SAP, RZL, dpw, LogaVplus, Igel, DVO, … And if you use a payroll programme that has not been mentioned here – no problem at all! We will also find a quick and uncomplicated solution for this.

Together with you, we analyse what TPA experts can do sensibly and cost-effectively for you and put together a package of services that covers your back.

The 10 TPA Outsourcing Advantages

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